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Building a Customer API - Live Chat

· 2 min read
Josh Twist

Planning to build a new public customer or partner API but not sure where to start your research? Connect with fellow developers and nail development of your new API by joining our meetup on Zoom, "Building a Customer API".

On June 9, 2022 at 3pm ET/12pm PT we'll be joined by Utsav Shah of fast growing startup Vanta (and host of the Software at Scale podcast). He'll share his experience building a customer API and challenges when implementing rate limiting. Then we'll have an open discussion on implementing rate limiting and exposing APIs to customers and partners.

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Utsav Shah

About Utsav Shah

Utsav Shah is a software engineer at Vanta and host of the Software at Scale podcast. Before joining Vanta, Utsav was responsible for enabling product velocity and ensuring the reliability of Dropbox’s monolith Python web application and large async systems like Cape.

About Vanta

Our mission at Vanta is to be a layer of trust on top of cloud services, to secure the internet, increase trust in software companies, and keep consumer data safe. Think of us as your automated security and compliance expert.

Building a Customer API

At 3pm ET/12pm PT every Thursday, Zuplo hosts a 1-hour round-table discussion virtually (Zoom) to help developers plan for and build their public customer or partner APIs. We feature one attendee each week who has recently built a public customer or partner API and who will share how they approached the process and what they learned, then stick around to answer questions and discuss. This chat is limited to 25 spaces per week to keep the conversation flowing and fruitful. We'll start with a Q&A with the featured guest and then have an open discussion immediately following.

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