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Custom Log Level

There are four logging levels in Zuplo:

  • error
  • warn
  • info
  • debug

If the log level is set to debug - all entries are logged. If it is set to warn, only warn and error events are logged. Zuplo defaults the log level to debug (everything) for working-copy environments and error for everything else. You can override this by setting an environment variable called ZUPLO_LOG_LEVEL to one of the values above.


The log levels are case sensitive - they must be entered correctly, in lower case for logging to work.

The log levels map to the different methods on context.log, e.g.

context.log.error("error level event"); context.log.warn("debug level event");"info level event"); context.log.log("'log' is also an info level event"); context.log.debug("debug level event");
Custom Logging Policy