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Using Policies

Policies are modules that can intercept an incoming request. You can have multiple policies and apply them to multiple routes. There are built-in policies but of course, being a developer-focused platform you can easily create custom policies.

Here's a list and reference guide for policies.

How policies work

How Policies Work

A policy can intercept a request and modify the request before it reaches the request handler (and the next policy). It can also short-circuit the whole request lifecycle and immediately respond to the client.

Built-In Policies

Zuplo includes many built-in policies that make it easy to handle things like authentication, validation, and request modification. You can see the full catalog of policies here.

Custom Policies

The ability to write custom policies that run in-process of your Gateway is at the core of what makes Zuplo the Programmable API Gateway. You can write policies to handle virtually any task. To learn more about writing custom policies see the documentation.