What is Zuplo?

Zuplo is a light-weight, fully-managed API Management platform, built for developers (GitOps, fast deployment, unlimited preview environments etc.). We're working with engineering leaders to quickly add:

  • rate limiting
  • auth and access management,
  • programmable layer of abstraction between an API and its consumers (you can write code that executes inside the Gateway)
  • full policy library

Zuplo doesn't come with the crazy costs, training courses, etc. of a traditional API Management platforms, like Apigee or Azure APIM.

Zuplo embraces shift-left and infrastructure as code - the gateway definition is all stored in text files that can be source controlled. We can deploy a new environment, to the edge, in under 20s with a simple git commit.

We're doing over 1.5 billion API requests per month, supporting API-first engineering teams of 5-50. Zuplo was created by the founder of Azure API Management and is backed by the founders of some of the most exciting developer-centric solutions like Auth0, Snyk, and BigID.