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Support Plans

Zuplo offers the following support plans:

Support OfferAvailable to
Community SupportAll customers
Standard SupportCustomers with any paid subscription plan or those in the initial trial period
Priority SupportCustomers with a priority support plan
Enterprise SupportCustomers with an enterprise support plan

Trial subscriptions

New Zuplo customers receive Standard Support during the trial period (customers may check on how many trial days they have left by logging into the portal).

At the end of the trial period, customers who have not opted to purchase a paid subscription can use the Zuplo Community for assistance.

Community support

Customers with Zuplo's free subscription plan can seek support through the Zuplo Community. Response times may vary and are not guaranteed.

Standard support

Customers with a paid Zuplo subscription plan receive Standard Support which offers access to the following channels:

  • Zuplo Community
  • Zuplo Email Support (best effort response times)

Priority Support

Customers with a Priority support plan receive support time from 8am to 8pm US Eastern time (UTC−05:00), quicker response times, and access to the Customer Success team.

Enterprise Support

Customers with an Enterprise support plan receive 24/7 support hours, prioritized response times, and access to the Customer Success team.

Plan features

Your sales order indicates whether you are subscribed to the Standard, Priority, or Enterprise support.

The following features are provided with every support plan:

  • Answer questions concerning usage issues related to Zuplo platform-specific features, options and configurations.
  • Provide initial and high-level suggestions regarding the appropriate usage, features, or solution configurations for the particular type of reporting, analysis, or functionality.
  • Isolate, document, and find alternative solutions for reported defects.
  • Work with Zuplo Operations, Product, Software Development, and QA staff to submit change requests, enhancement requests, and provide fixes for the Zuplo platform as necessary.
  • Address your concerns with online or printed documentation, providing additional examples or explanations for concepts requiring clarification.
  • Access to online release notes for updates.
  • Access to Zuplo's online library of support webinars and knowledge base.
  • Access to Zuplo's customer community forums to collaborate with fellow Zuplo customers.

The following table describes feature differences of each Zuplo support plan:

Support FeatureCommunityStandardPriorityEnterprise
Response TimesN/ABest Effort(8am to 8pm US Eastern time (UTC−05:00)24/7
Community SupportYesYesYesYes
Email SupportNoYesYesYes
Private Discord/Slack ChannelNoNoYesYes
Phone SupportNoNoYesYes

Email Support

For customers with email support, you can contact us at Tickets will be responded to as quickly as possible and prioritized based on your support offering.

Private Discord/Slack Channel

Enterprise support contracts can chat directly with the Zuplo team in a private Discord or Slack channel. These channels are useful for posting feature requests, asking questions, or general troubleshooting.


Private channels should not be used for urgent/business critical support requests as the team may not be immediately notified. For urgent requests use phone support.

Phone Support

Customers with priority phone support can call +1 833-681-6018 to open an urgent support ticket. After dialing the number, you will need to enter your enterprise support code. This is a five digit number that has been provided to you.

After entering your support code a ticket will be opened and our on call support team will reach out to you within a few minutes. We suggest you sign in to discord as well so we can chat in real time.


Calling this number will alert our on call team at any hour. Please only use this number for urgent, business critical issues.