API Keys

API Keys Overview

Zuplo allows developers to rapidly add API key based authentication to an API in minutes. There are several benefits to using Zuplo's API Key solution including


To start using Zuplo API Keys in only a few minutes see the quickstart.

Fully Managed API Key Solution#

Zuplo builds and manages a global API Key solution that can handle millions (or billions) of API Keys and a virtually unlimited throughput to scale to the most demanding services.

The service handles global replication of API Keys allowing your end users to be authenticated to your API key with minimal latency. Keys are replicated around the world in only a few seconds. Similarly, when keys are revoked or deleted, the change replicates in seconds so that your API isn't open to unauthorized access.

API Key Authentication at the Edge#

Using Zuplo's API Key Authentication policy, your API is secured from unauthorized access. Authorization checks happen at the edge in 300+ data centers around the world. This keeps load off your backend and keeps your API fast for your end-users.

Zuplo manages all the complexity of replication, caching, and verifying your API keys so you don't have to.

Adding API Key authentication using Zuplo takes only a few minutes. See the quickstart to get started.

Key Concepts#


An API Key Consumer is the identity that can invoke your API - typically people, customers, partners or services. A consumer can have multiple API Keys associated with it - but each key authorizes the same consumer (i.e. identity)

Consumer Metadata#

Each consumer can be assigned metadata. This information (a small JSON object) is made available to the runtime when a user access your API using that key.

For example, a Consumer might have metadata that specifies the company they are a member of and the plan for the account.

{ "companyId": 123, "plan": "gold" }

Consumer Tags#

Consumers can also have tags associated with them. Tags are simple key value pairs. Tags are used for management purposes only (i.e. querying consumers through the Zuplo API). Tags do not get sent to the runtime as part of authorization.

For example, a Consumer might be tagged in order to track the customer associated with the consumer.


You can see more on how to use tags in the document on managing consumers and keys using the API

API Keys#

API Keys are the actual string value used to authenticate with an API. Unlike some other forms of bearer tokens, API Keys do not contain any actual data within the key itself.

Zuplo API Keys are prefixed with the string zpka_ followed by cryptographically random characters and a signature. While Zuplo's API Key management service supports custom key formats (enterprise plan required), the structured format our the key enables us to offer key leak detection services to keep your API secure.