API Keys

API Key Manager React Component

Zuplo provides an open source react component that can be used on your own UI to provider users with self-serve access to API Keys for your Zuplo powered API.

Component Screenshot

To see a demo of the component visit https://api-key-manager.com.

Getting Started#

This component can be used with any React framework. It is compatible with Tailwind CSS, but Tailwind is not required.


See our blog for an end to end tutorial on using this React component and the translation API.


Install the component in your React project

npm install @zuplo/react-api-key-manager

With Tailwind#

Import the component's stylesheet into your global.css or equivalent file. The styles will use your project's tailwind configuration to provide a consistent theme.

@tailwind base; @tailwind components; @tailwind utilities; @import "@zuplo/react-api-key-manager/tailwind.css";

Without Tailwind#

Import the component's stylesheet into your root component (i.e. App.jsx), typically below your other stylesheets.

import "./styles/globals.css"; import "@zuplo/react-api-key-manager/index.css";

Custom Styles#

The the component's css can be completely customized by copying either the tailwind.css or index.css files from node_modules/@zuplo/react-api-key-manager/dist/ and modifying the styles to suite your needs.


You can import the ReactAPIKeyManager into your React project directly.

import { ApiKeyManager, DefaultApiKeyManagerProvider, } from "@zuplo/react-api-key-manager"; const MyComponent = () => { const defaultProvider = new DefaultApiKeyManagerProvider( "<BASE_URL>", "<ACCESS_TOKEN>" ); return <ApiKeyManager provider={provider} />; };

Backend API#

The API Key Manager component interacts with an API that allows authorized users to manage their own keys. The easiest way to get started is to use the Auth Translation API sample and deploy it to Zuplo. By default this sample connects the Zuplo API Key Management Service.

Using the API