API Keys

Service Limits

Zuplo's API Key Service can handle billions of requests and tokens. The service can accommodate even virtually any scale required. However, by default the service is set with limits to ensure that each Zuplo customer has a performant and reliable experience.

For customers who need limits beyond what is set in this document, react out to our sales team and we'll be happy to design a plan that fits your needs. Email sales@zuplo.com.


  • Consumer metadata - The JSON encoded object cannot be larger than 1kb.
  • Consumer tags - Each consumer is limited to 5 key value pair tags.

API Key Management Operations#

Requests to API Key Management operations on the Zuplo Developer API (dev.zuplo.com) are limited to 100 requests per second.

API Key Authorizations#

API Key authorizations are not limited directly. The limit is equal to one authorization per request allowed in your plan.

Leak Detection