Deprecating routes.json, adding support for OpenAPI

Zuplo is going native in support for the OpenAPI standard. This means we will be deprecating support for our proprietary routes.json file format.

The old routes.json file contained both the route information and policies. This will change in the new version with policies being defined in a separate policies.json file and the routes defined in one or more *.oas.json files. New projects will automatically get a routes.oas.json and policies.json file.

You can still use the old routes.json format until it is formally deprecated.

We identify new project simply by the presence of *.oas.json files, so if your project has both a routes.json file and OpenAPI files the routes.json will be ignored.

You can delete the routes.json file by deleting this file in GitHub and doing a Pull Hard.

If you need to create a new project with support for the old routing format, please contact support and we can share a template with you and guidance to recreate an old-format project in GitHub. Note - we will be removing support for routes.json in mid-2023 when most customers are off-boarded.

We hope you're as excited about our support for open standards like Open API and Problem Details for APIs. As always, join our Discord to chat with the team about any question or concerns you have.

Migrating from routes.json#

It's easy to convert your project from the old routes.json format to use our new OpenAPI support. We have provided a CLI tool that can be invoked via npx.

Simply execute the following cmd in your root Zuplo folder (at the level of the /config and /module folders):

npx @zuplo/cli@latest convert

This will generate a new routes.oas.json and policies.json file in your /config folder based on your routes.json file. Use git to add these to your repo and do a Pull Hard to sync these changes with your working copy (in Once your ready and confident everything is working, you can delete the routes.json file and sync via git/GitHub again.

You're now on the OpenAPI train 🚂 (choo choo).

For more on GitHub Source Control integration see GitHub integration.