Audit Log Feature

Zuplo has a built-in auditing feature that can write output to a selection of data sinks.

If enabled, the Audit Log feature will log full details of

  • The request including URL, headers (optional), and full body (optional)
  • The response including status, headers (optional) and full body (optional)

These can then be written to a configured Audit Log Output Provider of your choosing, like AstraDB by DataStax. Contact to request a new provider.


While you can use it on any tier in working-copy, the Audit Log capability is an enterprise feature. Contact us to have Audit Logging enabled for your enterprise deployment. Pricing

Configuring Audit Log#

Audit Logging is enabled via a plugin that is registered in the zuplo.runtime.ts runtime extensions module; learn more about runtime extensions. Here we show an example configuring Audit Log to write to a DataStax Astra DB collection.

Note you must provide the full URL to the collection, e.g.


import { AuditLogDataStaxProvider, AuditLogPlugin, RuntimeExtensions, ZuploRequest, } from "@zuplo/runtime"; export function runtimeInit(runtime: RuntimeExtensions) { runtime.addPlugin( new AuditLogPlugin( new AuditLogDataStaxProvider({ url: "THE_FULL_URL_TO_YOUR_COLLECTION_HERE", xCassandraToken: "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE" }), { include: { request: { body: false }, response: { headers: false } } } ) );

Note the use of options to disable capture of the full request body and full response headers.