Developer Portal

Developer Portal Setup

Customization of your developer portal can be done in either the Zuplo Portal or by editing source files using your preferred editor. Before you start customizing the developer portal, its a good idea to understand the structure and files that are used to generate the site.

Every Zuplo project includes the following directories and files that are used to generate the developer portal. Note, files that are not directly part of this tutorial have been deliberately left out.

my-project/ ├── config/ │ ├── dev-portal.json │ └── routes.oas.json ├── modules/ └── docs/ ├── ├── sidebar.json └── theme.css
  • config/routes.oas.json - This is your Open API specification that contains the full structure of your API project. Documentation
  • docs/ - Markdown files are used to include additional documentation in your developer portal. By default an file is created. Documentation
  • docs/sidebar.json - This file contains the configuration for your sidebar and menus on the developer portal. Documentation
  • docs/theme.css - The developer portal theme can be customized with CSS variables (or even custom CSS) in order to match your branding. Documentation
  • docs/dev-portal.json - This is the primary configuration for your developer portal with customization for the favicon, authentication settings, etc. Documentation


At the time of writing this document, the docs/dev-portal.json file is currently under the config folder. This will be addressed shortly.

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