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Readme Metrics Policy

Readme ( is a developer Documentation and metrics service. This policy pushes the request/response data to their ingestion endpoint so you can see your Zuplo API traffic in their API calls dashboard.

Readme API Calls Dashboard


"name": "my-readme-metrics-inbound-policy",
"policyType": "readme-metrics-inbound",
"handler": {
"module": "$import(@zuplo/runtime)",
"export": "ReadmeMetricsInboundPolicy",
"options": {
"apiKey": "YOUR_API_KEY",
"userLabelPropertyPath": ".sub",
"development": true,
"useFullRequestPath": false
  • name the name of your policy instance. This is used as a reference in your routes.
  • policyType the identifier of the policy. This is used by the Zuplo UI. Value should be readme-metrics-inbound.
  • handler/export The name of the exported type. Value should be ReadmeMetricsInboundPolicy.
  • handler/module the module containing the policy. Value should be $import(@zuplo/runtime).
  • handler/options The options for this policy:
    • apiKey

      The API key to use when sending metrics calls to Readme

    • userLabelPropertyPath

      Optional - defaults to '.sub'. This is the path to the property on request.user that contains the label you want to use. For example .data.accountNumber would read the property.

    • userEmailPropertyPath

      Optional - defaults to empty. This is the path to the property on request.user that contains the e-mail of the user. For example would read the property.

    • development

      Optional. Whether the data should be ingested as 'development' mode or not. Defaults to true for working-copy and false for all other environments.

    • useFullRequestPath

      Optional - defaults to false. When true, Zuplo sends the full request path (which might contain sensitive information). By default, we only send the route path which should not contain sensitive information.

    • url

      Optional, the URL to send metering events to (defaults to This is useful for testing purposes.

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