Developer Portal

Custom Pages

You can add custom pages to your developer portal to provide more documentation to your API users. You are in full control of the content and how users will navigate to it.

Writing Your First Custom Page#

Within your project in the Zuplo Portal, you will notice a Docs directory, with an and sidebar.json file. is a custom page we created to get you started.

Docs Folder

Navigate to, and make some changes to the markdown. If you are unfamiliar with Markdown, check out this guide to get started. You can also create a new docs page via the new file button.

Previewing Your Changes#

You can preview what your page will look like in the developer portal by clicking the 'Markdown Preview' tab above the editor.

Markdown Preview

Configuring the Sidebar#

Next, you will configure where your new page will be displayed in the developer portal's sidebar navigation. Open sidebar.json. All pages you wish to display should go under the docs folder in the order you want them displayed in the navigation. A typical sidebar entry consists of the following:

{ "type": "Type of documentation. Simply use 'doc' for now to add a page", "id": "Name of the file you wish to display, not including the extension", "label": "Label for the page in the sidebar navigation" }

Open your developer portal after saving your changes, and you should see your new page in the sidebar!

Optional: Select an OpenAPI Spec#

Your page may only apply to a certain part of your API. You can configure which OpenAPI spec the custom page will be displayed on through the specs property.

{ "type": "doc", "id": "index", "label": "Index", "specs": ["billing-api"] }

By default, a custom page will display on all OpenAPI specs unless the specs field is specified. Learn more here.

Congratulations, you have added a custom page!#

You can add as many custom pages as you like to create an awesome developer experience.