Dev Portal Clerk Setup

Clerk Setup#

If you don't have an Clerk account, you can sign up for a free Clerk account that will provide you will 10,000 monthly active users.

1/ Create OAuth Application#

Create a new OAuth application using the Clerk API.

The API request can be called using the curl command below. You will need to retrieve the Clerk secret key from the Dashboard.

The callback_url value must be set to the url of your Zuplo Dev Portal with the base path (this defaults to /docs/). Make sure you have the trailing slash set.

curl -X POST \ -H "Authorization: Bearer <CLERK_SECRET_KEY>" \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ -d {"callback_url":"", "name": "zuplo_dev_portal", "scopes": "profile email"}

The response of this request will return a JSON object that will contain the values for client_id and client_secret. Inside of the Zuplo Portal create two environment variables:

Create a new environment variable named ZUPLO_PUBLIC_CLERK_CLIENT_ID and set the value to the client_id value in the API response. Create a new environment variable, this one needs to be a secret, named CLERK_CLIENT_SECRET and set it to the value of the client_secret value in the API response.

2/ Configure the Developer Portal#

Inside of the Zuplo Developer portal navigate to the Code Editor tab and open the dev-portal.json file. Open the JSON tab and edit the file to look like the following.

{ "$schema": "", "enabled": true, "enableAuthentication": true, "requireAuthentication": false, "authentication": { "provider": "clerk", "issuer": "", "clientId": "$env(ZUPLO_PUBLIC_CLERK_CLIENT_ID)", "clientSecret": "$env(CLERK_CLIENT_SECRET)", "scope": "profile email" } }
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