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Firebase JWT Auth Policy

Authenticate requests with JWT tokens issued by Firebase. The payload of the JWT token, if successfully authenticated, with be on the object accessible to the runtime.

See this document for more information about OAuth authorization in Zuplo.


"name": "my-firebase-jwt-inbound-policy",
"policyType": "firebase-jwt-inbound",
"handler": {
"export": "FirebaseJwtInboundPolicy",
"module": "$import(@zuplo/runtime)",
"options": {
"projectId": "YOUR_PROJECT_ID",
"allowUnauthenticatedRequests": false
  • name the name of your policy instance. This is used as a reference in your routes.
  • policyType the identifier of the policy. This is used by the Zuplo UI. Value should be firebase-jwt-inbound.
  • handler/export The name of the exported type. Value should be FirebaseJwtInboundPolicy.
  • handler/module the module containing the policy. Value should be $import(@zuplo/runtime).
  • handler/options The options for this policy:
    • allowUnauthenticatedRequests
      [object Object]
    • projectId
      [object Object]
    • certUrl
      [object Object]

Read more about how policies work