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Remove Query Parameters Policy

Remove query parameters from the incoming request


"name": "my-remove-query-params-inbound-policy",
"policyType": "remove-query-params-inbound",
"handler": {
"export": "RemoveQueryParamsInboundPolicy",
"module": "$import(@zuplo/runtime)",
"options": {
"params": [
  • name the name of your policy instance. This is used as a reference in your routes.
  • policyType the identifier of the policy. This is used by the Zuplo UI. Value should be remove-query-params-inbound.
  • handler/export The name of the exported type. Value should be RemoveQueryParamsInboundPolicy.
  • handler/module the module containing the policy. Value should be $import(@zuplo/runtime).
  • handler/options The options for this policy:
    • params
      [object Object]

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