OpenAPI Spec Handler

The OpenAPI Spec handler can be used to serve a public version of your OpenAPI specification file. The OpenAPI file will be stripped of Zuplo gateway configuration (ex. x-zuplo-* extensions) and enriched with data based on the implementation of the gateway. For example, if you configured your route to be protected by the API Key policy, we will automatically document the Authorization header within the generated OpenAPI spec.

Setup via Portal#

The Forward Handler can be added to any route using the Route Designer. Open the Route Designer by navigating to the Files tab then click routes.oas.json. Inside any route, select OpenAPI Spec from the Request Handlers drop-down.

The handler should be defaulted to the OpenAPI file you currently have open, but you can change it to serve a different OpenAPI file via the dropdown.

Setup via routes.oas.json#

The OpenAPI Spec handler can also be added manually to the routes.oas.json file with the following route configuration.

"paths": { "/open-api-spec": { "get": { "summary": "New Route", "x-zuplo-route": { "corsPolicy": "none", "handler": { "export": "openApiSpecHandler", "module": "$import(@zuplo/runtime)", "options": { "openApiFilePath": "./config/routes.oas.json" } }, "policies": { "inbound": [] } } } } }


The OpenAPI Spec handler can be configured via options as follows:

  • openApiFilePath - the file path of an OpenAPI file within the config folder. The file name must end with .oas.json.