Redirect Handler

The Redirect Handler sends a redirect HTTP response to the client. You can specify whether this is 301 (Permanent) or 302 (Temporary), or specify a custom status in routes.oas.json.

Setup via Portal#

The Redirect Handler can be added to any route using the Route Designer. Open the Route Designer by navigating to the Code Editor tab then click routes.oas.json. Inside any route, select Redirect from the Request Handlers drop-down.

In the text box enter the URL location for the redirect.

Setup in routes.oas.json#

You can also configure the Redirect Handler directly in the routes.oas.json file, e.g. as in the route below (which is redirecting requests at the root of your domain to your docs page at /docs).

"paths": { "/redirect-test": { "x-zuplo-path": { "pathMode": "open-api" }, "get": { "summary": "Testing rewrite handler", "x-zuplo-route": { "corsPolicy": "none", "handler": { "module": "$import(@zuplo/runtime)", "export": "redirectHandler", "options": { "location": "/docs" } } }, "policies": { "inbound": [] } } } }
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