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Getting Started

Zuplo is an API Management platform designed for developers. It's different because it:

  1. Is Programmable - code your own handlers and policies in typescript.
  2. Uses Gitops - integrates with GitHub and deploys via gitops (like Vercel and Netlify).
  3. Respects your toolset - use Visual Studio, Sublime, whatever IDE you like, or our web portal.
  4. Offers infinite scale at the edge - scales effortlessly to billions of requests, deploy to the edge at over 200 locations around the world with 0ms startup time.

To get access to Zuplo, sign up free here - choose your quickstart below:

Instant API Docs and Developer Portal

Import your Open API spec or set up a few routes and you’ll have an instant developer portal ready for your API consumers. Follow this guide to get it working in 2 minutes. Open Quickstart ➡️

Add API-Key Authentication to any API

We recommend API key authentication in most API-sharing scenarios, but there’s a lot to implement to use API keys successfully. Let us take away all the pain. Follow this guide to get it working in less than 5 minutes. Open Quickstart ➡️

API Request Validation with JSON Schema

Quickly set up a gateway for an API and add validation using JSON Schema with this guide. Open Quickstart ➡️

Dynamic Rate Limiting

The API Gateway Quickstart quick start shows how to configure rate limiting for a route. A default rate limit policy is a great way to protect your API, but sometimes you need more control. In this quickstart, you will learn how to set a custom rate limit policy for a single customer based on a route parameter. Open Quickstart ➡️