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Instant API Documentation and Developer Portal

Import your Open API spec or set up a few routes and you’ll have an instant developer portal ready for your API consumers. Follow this guide to get it working in 2 minutes.

Check out an example developer portal here.

Before we start, create a new project in

1/ Create some routes

In the Files tab, click on the Routes entry in the Config folder. If it’s a new project you’ll have no routes. You can click on “Import From Open API” if you have one, or you can add some routes manually.


To manually set up some routes, click “Add Route” and configure the methods and path properties of a few routes. We suggest trying the following two routes:

Route 1

  • Method: GET
  • Path: /products/:productId
  • URL Rewrite:${params.productId}

Route 2

  • Method: POST
  • Path: /products
  • URL Rewrite:

Be sure to save your changes by clicking the disk icon by the Routes file or pressing CMD+S (mac) / CTRL+S (windows).

2/ View your developer portal

Yes, it’s that easy… now you just need to click the link at the top of the Getting Started guide that says “Your Developer Portal is live at …” - that will open a new window with your developer portal.


Next steps