Local Development

Running your Zuplo Gateway locally

You Zuplo API gateway can be configured and run on your machine for development purposes, at the convenience of your code editor.


  • Node.js 18.0.0 or higher
  • Linux, Mac OS X, or Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)

Getting Started#

Create a new project from scratch#

  1. Create a new project using
npm create zuplo-api@latest
Expected output:
cd <your-new-project-directory> npm install npm run dev
  1. Start your local gateway using npm run dev.

  2. Use the local Route Designer to create your first route.

Import your existing project#

If you have been using Zuplo using the Zuplo Web Portal, you can import your project into your local machine.

  1. Connect your project to Github from the Zuplo Web Portal.

  1. Clone your project from your Git provider to your local machine.

  2. Convert your project to use the Zuplo CLI

npx @zuplo/cli project update
  1. Install the necessary dependencies:
npm install
  1. Start your Zuplo Gateway locally;
npm run dev
  1. Use the local Route Designer to create your first route.


While convenient and powerful, not all features of Zuplo are supported while developing locally. The following features are currently not supported when running your Zuplo Gateway locally:

  • Analytics
  • Developer Portal
  • Tunnels

Next steps#

Step 4 - Deploying to the Edge