Local Development

Installing Packages

You can install packages from npm to use in your Zuplo Gateway. This can help with code completion and hover tips.

However, bear in mind, these might not work out-of-the-box in the cloud (i.e., working-copy and edge environments), as Zuplo for security reasons does not allow all packages to be installed. Consult Node Modules for the official list of supported modules.

There are workarounds though. If you need a package to be available, you can try to bundle it. This will bypass the npm install step since the module is already bundled and available. We have an example at Custom Modules that you can follow.

We are looking into ways to simplify bringing in your own modules. We are proceeding carefully as we want to ensure that we can provide a secure and reliable experience for our users. Please contact Zuplo support if you need more assistance.

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