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Testing Your API

Zuplo supports integration tests for your API for production customers. The test format is Mocha with chai for assertions.

To add an integration test for your project create a test file in the tests folder that looks like the following. Write tests using fetch and then reading the response results.

import { assert } from "chai";
import { TestHelper } from "@zuplo/core";

describe("My test suite", function () {
it("Get hello world", async function () {
const result = await fetch(`${TestHelper.TEST_URL}/v1/hello-world`);
assert.equal(result.ok, true);

Instead of hard-coding the url to your api, use TestHelper.TEST_URL so that the url is set dynamically depending on where you are running your test.

Each time you push code to your repository Zuplo's build servers will run these tests. Additionally, the tests are also run against your staging environment when it is deployed.