Using Zuplo as a Fastly Host

This document outlines how to use Zuplo as a host (i.e. origin) for Fastly. While this is not a necessary setup for most people as Zuplo already runs at the edge and can be used for CDN like caching. However, there are some scenarios where you may want to put Zuplo behind Fastly. For example, if you are using Fastly's WAF or DDoS protection and want to ensure that all traffic goes through Fastly before hitting your Zuplo API Gateway.

Configuring Zuplo as a Fastly Host#

The following settings will allow you to run Zuplo as a host behind Fastly.

Zuplo Configuration#

It is recommended that you use a custom domain for your Zuplo API Gateway. This will allow you to more easily configure your Fastly host as well as ensure that your domain is stable regardless of your Zuplo configuration.

Fastly Configuration#

  1. Create a new Fastly CDN service or use an existing one.
  2. Create a new Origin and name it whatever you like.
  3. Set the Address to your Zuplo API Gateway domain. For example, if using a custom domain, or without a custom domain.
  4. Enable TLS and keep the port as 443.
  5. Select Yes on Verify the Certificate.
  6. If using a custom domain, set the Certificate Hostname to your custom domain. If using a domain, set the set the Certificate Hostname to
  7. Set the SNI hostname to your custom domain or full domain (i.e.
  8. Set the Override Host to your custom domain or full domain (i.e.

Additional settings like mTLS are also supported. Please refer to the Fastly documentation for more information.

Environment Variables