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· One min read
Josh Twist

Today we're excited to announce one of the first cool features resulting from Zuplo's bet on the OpenAPI standard: rapid mocking of APIs using examples inside an OpenAPI document - it's just what every

Sometimes it's better to show than tell, so in that spirit, check out the 2 minute video below that shows you the end-to-end experience.

With this powerful new capability, developers can effortlessly generate mock endpoints that mimic the behavior of real APIs, speeding up development cycles and enabling more efficient testing. Combined with our sleep policy you can even mix in some latency for added realism - just what every mockstar frontend developer needs!


To get started, create a new project in Zuplo at (or use an existing project if you have one). Hopefully you have an OpenAPI document (or you can get ChatGPT to generate one for you) with some juicy examples in it - I'm going to use the Postman OpenAPI doc from

Let's import your OpenAPI doc.

Import OpenAPI

Don't forget to save your changes. Save your changes (CMD+S).

· 3 min read
Josh Twist

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Ben Garvey, the co-founder and CTO of Common Paper. Our discussion covers their innovative open-source platform for contracts and how they are revolutionizing the way businesses handle contract management and how they used Zuplo to accelerate the launch of their API.

Unleashing the Power of Open Source for Contracts

In the chat (video below) Ben explains that Common Paper is on a mission to simplify and accelerate the contract creation and negotiation process. Their platform offers a comprehensive range of standard agreements that can be easily downloaded from their website. From NDAs to CSAs, DPAs to partnership agreements, Common Paper provides a vast library of open-source contracts. This approach draws inspiration from the world of open-source software, where licenses like Apache 2 and GPL are readily available for developers without the need for legal consultation.

By leveraging Common Paper's platform, startups and businesses can say goodbye to the archaic practice of emailing Word documents back and forth during the contract negotiation phase. Instead, the platform enables users to create, negotiate, and sign contracts directly within the app. This streamlined workflow not only saves time but also reduces costs, empowering sales teams to close deals faster.

Deploying Zuplo to focus on what matters and move fast

During our conversation, Ben highlights the benefits of Zuplo - acting as a gateway for Common Paper's API, with essential capabilities including API authentication, rate limiting and developer documentation. With a small team at Common Paper, leveraging Zuplo allowed their engineers to focus on product development, leaving the complex aspects of API management to the experts.

One interesting aspect of Common Paper's integration with Zuplo is the generation of API keys being embedded into their own dashboard. By utilizing Zuplo's API key service, Common Paper simplifies the process of managing and securing their API keys.

Ben notes the excellent service he has received from the team at Zuplo and is a particular fan of how fast Zuplo is - particularly our near instantaneous deployment time; aligning with Common Paper's need for quick iteration and shipping fast. The combination of Zuplo's reliable infrastructure, extensive documentation, and responsive support made it an ideal choice for Common Paper's API management requirements.

If you're looking to simplify your contract management checkout Common Paper, and if you're interested in accelerating the launch and simplifying the operations of your API - try Zuplo for free at