Announcing rapid API mocking via OpenAPI

Today we're excited to announce one of the first cool features resulting from Zuplo's bet on the OpenAPI standard: rapid mocking of APIs using examples inside an OpenAPI document - it's just what every

Sometimes it's better to show than tell, so in that spirit, check out the 2 minute video below that shows you the end-to-end experience.

With this powerful new capability, developers can effortlessly generate mock endpoints that mimic the behavior of real APIs, speeding up development cycles and enabling more efficient testing. Combined with our sleep policy you can even mix in some latency for added realism - just what every mockstar frontend developer needs!


To get started, create a new project in Zuplo at (or use an existing project if you have one). Hopefully you have an OpenAPI document (or you can get ChatGPT to generate one for you) with some juicy examples in it - I'm going to use the Postman OpenAPI doc from

Let's import your OpenAPI doc.

Import OpenAPI

Don't forget to save your changes (CMD+S). Not all routes in this OpenAPI doc have examples but the route named Single API does, so lets use that one.

Single API

Select that route and expand the policies window. Click Add Policy to the request pipeline and search for Mock. You should find the new Mock API policy.

Mock API Policy

Accept the defaults and click OK. Save your changes (CMD+S).

Click the Test button next to the path field and click the URL to open the API response in your browser:

Test URL

And boom 💥 you just mocked some of the postman API. Sign up for a free account at and enjoy!

Also, check out the video below for a more detailed walkthrough.

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