Rate Limiting

Add rate limiting in one click and customize it with code setting different rate limits per API, per user, or per API key.

Your API, Your Rate Limits

Per IP, per user, per API key or any combination of the above. Zuplo's rate limiting is fully customizable by you.

Distributed and global

Your rate limits are enforced on the edge, as close to your users as possible, delivering fast and reliable rate limiting.


Visualize and analyze your rate limits and get insights into your application's performance.

Code your Rate Limits

Our Rate Limiting works well with other Zuplo features like API Key Management and Authentication. We offer powerful per API Key/JWT Token rate limits out of the box but you can also customize your rate limits with code.
Rate Limiting with code

Truly Distributed

Zuplo runs on the edge in over 300 data-centers, providing ultra-low latency for any user regardless where they are. Running a distributed rate limiting that is highly consistent regardless of the location of the incoming request is actually very hard. We made it easy.
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Understand your Rate Limits

Visualize and analyze your rate limits, get insights into your application's performance all from the Zuplo dashboard. And you know what? Your users can also view their usage and when they're getting rate limited, and they'll love you for it.
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Designed for Developers, Made for the Edge