Zuplo vs.Tyk API Management

Zuplo is redefining what it means to be an API Management platform and is an alternative to Tyk API Management. With Zuplo, you can easily build and share quality APIs with other developers. Compare features, pricing, deployment options, and customizability below.


Occasionally we're asked, "why choose Zuplo versus Tyk API Management? Here are 12 reasons why engineering teams would choose Zuplo over Tyk when publishing a public API or tackling the challenge of multiple teams working on many APIs.

FeatureTyk API ManagementZuplo
GitOps-enabledNon-native gitops through Tyk Sync or Tyk Operator. Complex setup and configuration.Gateway configuration in text files, deeply integrated with GitHub, BitBucket, etc. Deploy with a commit.
Single ProductTyk Open Source, Self-managed and Tyk Cloud have different options and tradeoffs. Most customers trial on Cloud but adopt Self-managed.There’s only one Zuplo, and it’s always great.
High AvailabilityPay extra $$$$ for more environments.Included.
Cloud DeploymentPay extra $$$$ for more than one region.Works with any cloud and deploys to the edge at 250+ data centers around the world.
ScalabilityManually manage scale on your own K8.Auto-scales with 0ms startup time. Already have customers processing over 1.5B calls per month.
Multi-cloudAWS only for Tyk Cloud. Self-host anywhere for an additional $$$$.We run at the edge in 250 +data centers worldwide. Securely connect to your API wherever it is hosted.
Designed for ProgrammabilityConstrained customizability through plug-ins, with multiple caveats around capability and process management. Complex plug-in API that feels alien to developers.Zuplo’s policy system was built using the same mechanism you get to use. Easily write code in TypeScript, that runs natively in the gateway.
Cost-effectivePay for redundant environments, more to be globally distributed.Serverless, global deployment with many environments out of the box.
Secure Tunneling Connection Available for any CloudInstall Self-managed Tyk in VPCSecure backend connection based on WireGuard technology — wherever you are running: AWS, GCP, Azure, or on-prem.
Integrated WAF (Web Application Firewall)Offer an example WAF plug-in that is “not ready for production"In partnership with CloudFlare, we offer built-in web application firewall to keep the bad folks at the gates and your API secure.

Other Features That Make Zuplo Unique

Stripe-like Developer Portal

Just import your OpenAPI spec to generate beautiful documentation and developer portal. Check out an example portal here.

Secret Know-How

Founded by a product leader who also founded Azure API Management at Microsoft in 2013, but felt the product was stuck in the dark ages and decided to build redefine what it means to be an API Management Platform. Read Zuplo's story here.

Designed for Developers, Made for the Edge