API Monetization

Build and grow your business by monetizing your APIs. Let customers subscribe to your API, create and manage pricing plans and limits and view usage analytics.

Cohesive Experience

Your monetization, auth and security, analytics, and documentation are all part of the same experience. No more duct-taping together different services.


Create fixed credit systems or set dynamic meters. Or both. You monetize your API the way your business works.

Pay for infrastructure

Don't share your revenue with your API monetization provider. Zuplo charges only for the infrastructure you use.

Monetization on Rails

Documentation, pricing pages, analytics for your customers, and API authentication are all built in. Choose everything or just what you need.
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Build lovable APIs

API documentation is the first thing your customers see. Make it beautiful and easy to use. API Authentication is the first thing your customers use. Make it easy and secure. Zuplo takes care of both.
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The Fastest APIs

Zuplo APIs are deployed to our global compute CDN in 300+ data-centers and optimized for a really fast user experience. Milliseconds matter: fast APIs make happy customers.
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