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Supabase Auth & Dev Portal Performance

Supabase Auth in Developer Portal#

We announced last week during Supabase Week that the Zuplo Developer portal now supports Supabase Authentication in addition to OpenID based auth. Supabase developers can now use their custom hosted Supabase login experience to authenticate users to their API docs hosted by Zuplo. For full instructions see the documentation.

Dev Portal Performance#

Over the past several weeks we have worked on improving the overall performance of the Developer Portal and we are happy to report that the results have been meaningful. For most real use loads of the API page, the content loads in about a second. Larger APIs (i.e. with larger OpenAPI documents) may experience a bit longer load time, but we plan to address that soon.

Custom pages should load almost instantly now as we have optimized serving them from our edge CDN.

Overall you should see much snappier UI in the developer portal. We have more work to do - in particular for customers with larger OpenAPI documents, but we hope you will be happy with the recent improvements.

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