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API Monetization Enhancements + New Policies

Over the past month, we have made several improvements to the API Monetization beta:

  • Better Error Handling for Stripe Webhooks: We have improved the error handling for Stripe webhooks to ensure more robust and reliable operation.

  • Improved Documentation: We have updated and expanded the documentation to provide clearer and more comprehensive guidance.

  • Additional Logging: We have added more logging to help diagnose and troubleshoot issues more effectively.

  • Editable Plans: We have made plans editable, allowing developers to modify quotas or fix misconfigurations as needed.

These improvements are part of our ongoing effort to refine and enhance the API Monetization beta. We have more enhancements planned before the General Availability (GA) release, and we aim to stabilize the feature in the next month.


API Brownout Policy#

We added a new plugin for API Brownouts, which allows developers to simulate outages of their API. This is useful for migrating users off of old versions of their API. You can read more about API Brownouts in our blog post here.

Policy documentation can be found here.

Curity Phantom Token Plugin#

We have added a new plugin for Curity Phantom Tokens, which allows developers to take advantage of the Curity Identity Management solution. This plugin uses Curity's unique Phantom Token approach which is a privacy-preserving token usage pattern for microservices. It combines the benefits of opaque and structured tokens. To read more about phantom tokens see this document.

Policy documentation can be found here.

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