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Unified Dev and Production Environments + API Monetization

Unified Dev and Production Environments#

Previously, Zuplo maintained separate infrastructures for development environments (working copy) and production APIs. We have now migrated to a unified infrastructure, where development environments use the same environments as production APIs.

  • Consistency: Development environments are now exactly the same as production and preview environments. This ensures that the behavior in development matches that in production, reducing the likelihood of unexpected issues after deployment.

  • Global Reach: Development environments are now deployed to over 300 edge locations. This allows developers to test their changes in an environment that closely mimics the distributed nature of our production infrastructure.

  • Scalability: Development environments are now fully scalable. This means that they can handle increased load when necessary, providing a more accurate representation of production performance.

  • Deployment Time: The trade-off for these benefits is a slightly longer deployment time. However, we are actively working on optimizing our deployment processes to reduce this time.

We believe that the benefits of this change significantly outweigh the trade-offs, and we are excited to see how it improves our development process moving forward.

API Monetization#

We are excited to announce the release of API Monetization, a new feature that enableds developers to charge for use of their APIs. This feature is available to all Zuplo users and can be configured through the Zuplo Portal. This feature is currently in beta, and we welcome feedback from our users. We aim to make this feature generally available in the coming months.

For more detail see the blog post on API Monetization: API Monetization Release

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