Announcing Zuplo's API Monetization

Zuplo is a fully managed API Management platform designed for developers. If you haven’t used API Management before, it can handle all the stressful, boring things needed to ship an API securely. You get non-trivial but critical features like rate limiting, Authentication, developer documentation, analytics, and more - out of the box in minutes.

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of API monetization in Zuplo. This is a big step for us, and we believe it’s a big step for the API economy as a whole. We’re making it easier than ever to monetize your API, and we’re doing it in a way that’s developer-friendly and easy to use.

So far, we’ve been working on bringing together the main ingredients for any successful API program:

🚀 Authentication that is easy to use and secure: Authentication is the first thing any developer using your API stumbles with. We’ve worked hard to make this process have the least amount of friction and yet still be incredibly powerful and extensible to fit your needs.

📖 Beautiful developer portals (a.k.a API docs): you need a Stripe-like developer portal where your customers can access your API documentation and their API keys, have a test console to try things out, and even see their analytics.

🔒 Powerful security (a.k.a Rate-limiting): it’s not the boogeyman that will take you down; it’s a lazy for-loop in your customers’ code. Every public API needs this stuff, but you shouldn’t have to build it yourself.

Zuplo's primary value is building the best developer experience that helps achieve a robust, ready-to-use API, which is how we believe Zuplo can become a success. Think what Vercel did for the frontend world, but for APIs, this means code as config and text files for everything, unlimited environments by just opening a Github PR, and deploying your API gateway to the CDN edge, making it incredibly fast from day 1.

Once we’ve achieved the basic building blocks, we’re now adding the possibility to monetize APIs directly in Zuplo, offering the following features:

Generated pricing pages

  • Generated pricing pages in your API documentation
  • Self-serve API keys once a customer subscribes to your API
  • Self-serve analytics so your customers can understand how they’re using your API
  • API key leak detection in case a customer has committed a key by mistake to Github
  • Unlimited customizability: you can make a request-based API plan for your API, or dynamically count the usage based on the response you send to a user.

∞ Check out our example portal with the Rick and Morty API here.

We’d love your support in realizing our vision and your feedback. Log into Zuplo at and try following the tutorial here.

Designed for Developers, Made for the Edge