Setup Okta SSO

Zuplo uses Auth0 to enable SSO for enterprise accounts who have purchased single-sign-on. Below you will find instructions on how to setup Okta to be used with Zuplo.

  1. First, you will need to create a new application in Okta. Record the client ID and client secret values to share with Zuplo.

    • The application type should be "Web application".
    • The Redirect URI value should be set to
    • The trusted origin should be set to
    • No special permissions are needed. Zuplo only requires basic profile information (name and email).
  2. Securely share the following values with Zuplo.

Client IDUnique identifier for your registered Okta application.
Client SecretString used to gain access to your registered Okta application.
Okta DomainOkta's domain name for your organization.
Identity Provider DomainsA list of the domains that can be authenticated in the Identify Provider. For most companies this will be a single domain, but some companies may have multiple domains.

A few options for securely sharing secrets with Zuplo:

  1. Once you have shared the required information with Zuplo, we will configure your account to use Okta for SSO. We will notify you once the configuration is complete.