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The JsFiddle of APIs?

· One min read
Josh Twist

Length: 2 minutes

Zuplo is so fast and flexible, it is the easiest way to setup a mock API. Here we create a simple todo API (of course 🤦🏼‍♂️). We add our 'sleep' policy to make it slow too - so you can call this from your UI client and simulate long loading times.

Here's the code for the request handler:

import { ZuploContext, ZuploRequest } from "@zuplo/runtime";

export default async function (request: ZuploRequest, context: ZuploContext) {
return [
{ text: "Learn Javascript", done: false },
{ text: "Learn Typescript", done: false },
{ text: "Play around in Zuplo", done: true },
{ text: "Build something awesome", done: true },

Have fun, APIFiddling!