Zuplo now natively supports OpenAPI

Welcome to OpenAPI week at Zuplo!

Zuplo ❤️ OpenAPI

Today we're announcing our official support for OpenAPI. Unlike other gateways, we're not simply adding an import feature for OpenAPI but are now OpenAPI native, with the format being the core of how route configuration is specified in the gateway.

Any valid OpenAPI document is a valid API Gateway configuration for Zuplo, additional properties and configuration is added via x-zuplo vendor extensions.

As a result, Zuplo now offers the most seamless workflow for API design-first teams and users of OpenAPI. For those that don't, not to worry, you'll be using OpenAPI in Zuplo but won't even notice.

Check out the demo video

Read more about this in our OpenAPI docs.

To celebrate, we're hosting an OpenAPI week with an interviews with special guests from the OpenAPI community. Sign up for the premiere of each chat below:

Darrel Miller
Darrel Miller
Editor of the OpenAPI specification and API architect at Microsoft.
On Tuesday, 3/7, we discuss the Future of OpenAPI (and some history)
Watch Darrel Miller's session here
Phil Sturgeon
Phil Sturgeon
Staff Author and co-host of APIs you won't hate
On Wednesday 3/8, we discuss living with OpenAPI in the real world
Watch Phil Sturgeon's session here
Kevin Swiber
Kevin Swiber
Marketing Chair, OpenAPI
On Thursday, 3/9 we talk about the spec wars and how OpenAPI plays a role in the API lifecycle
Watch Kevin Swiber's session here
Erik Wilde
Erik Wilde
Author, RFC 7807
On Friday 3/10 we'll look at the new(ish) Problem Details for HTTP APIs specification with one of its authors
Watch Erik Wilde's session here

These conversations will be premiering on our YouTube channel. Subscribe for notifications, follow us on Twitter or our Discord to get notified when these great conversations drop.

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