Announcing Local Development Support!

I'm super excited to share with you that we just released the support of running Zuplo locally on your machine using the Zuplo CLI.

No leaving your IDE to test your code, no waiting for your code to be deployed. Just run zup dev and you're good to go!

What about the web portal?#

We believe Zuplo's web portal still provides significant value to our users, as we worked hard to make the feedback loop from editing to having the code live with a URL(!) extremely quick.

So quick, that we think it's our main differentiator from other solutions out there where deploying a change can take minutes (or even hours!). With Zuplo's Working Copy environment, changes are usually applied in around 1 second while deploying a production environment in over 300 data-centers takes around 6 seconds. Yep, that mind-blowing.

Nailing the developer experience#

Figuring out the right local development experience for Zuplo was a challenge. Zuplo users are developers, and developers are used to quick feedback loops.

With many API Gateways in the market you would usually need to spin up a Docker container to run the gateway. Some even need a Kubernetes cluster running locally or in the cloud. These solutions consume a lot of resources and don't have the quick snappy experience of code, save, test, and repeat.

At Zuplo we took inspiration from the web-dev world, where the developer experience of tools that Next.js' CLI are very powerful: you run next dev and you get a local server running with hot reloading. We wanted to bring that experience to API development.

Try the new CLI today#

All you need to do is run the following command and you're ready to go:

npm create zuplo-api@latest

If you're more of an "I want to see it in action" kind of person, check out the video below from our Youtube channel where I showcase the new CLI.

Designed for Developers, Made for the Edge