Master Your Code with Zuplo’s Debugging Tools

Why Debugging is Critical#

Every developer worth their salt knows that debugging is an important part of the coding process. Otherwise, you’re left fumbling through logs trying to figure out where the code went wrong. Debugging allows you to identify and fix issues before they escalate. With Zuplo’s new debugging capability for the API gateway, now you can set breakpoints, step through your code, and inspect variables–all with a TypeScript debugger within Visual Studio Code. This capability makes it easy to understand your code’s behavior and resolve problems as they happen.

Debugging with Zuplo#

Imagine having the ability to pause your application mid-run, inspect the details, and look at your code in real-time–from within your dev environment. Here’s what you can do with Zuplo’s new debugging tools:

  • Breakpoints: Set breakpoints anywhere in your code. When execution hits a breakpoint, it will pause, letting you dissect your code and examine its behavior.
  • Step Through Code: Use the step controls to move through your code line by line to observe its execution flow.
  • Inspect Variables: Take a peek under the hood to view or evaluate the state of variables at any point during execution.

Why It Matters#

Zuplo’s debugging tool isn’t just another addition to your developer toolbox; is designed to fit within your existing development environment, making it simpler to:

Deliver top-notch code: Catching bugs early means fewer headaches later. By catching bugs early, you’ll gain an understanding of your application’s behavior allowing you to deliver higher quality software.

Speed up your work: Spot bugs in minutes and get back to building awesome stuff. You’ll be able to identify and fix issues by seeing exactly where your code diverges from expectations, accelerating your speed and reducing the time you spend on debugging.

Pinpoint accuracy: Nail down exactly where things went wrong. With the ability to inspect variables and understand the exact flow of your application, your fixes will be targeted and accurate.

Integrate smoothly: Zuplo’s debugging tools integrate smoothly within VS Code. This means you can use powerful debugging features without switching environments or learning new tools.

Debugging is Easy Now#

We’ve designed these tools to be intuitive so that no matter if you’re an old pro or newer to coding, you can benefit from enhanced debugging capabilities. The entire goal is to make you more productive with a smoother process, allowing you to build great features instead of playing whack-a-mole with bugs. Debugging doesn’t have to be something you dread–or skip (IMAGINE!!)–before you deploy; it can just be a simple part of your normal routine.

How to Get Started#

Setting up and using Zuplo’s new debugging tools is super straightforward and quick. To get started:

  • Dive into the comprehensive documentation on local development and debugging. It will walk you through the setup process step by step. Read the docs.
  • Prefer visual learning? Check out the video tutorial instead.

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