Source Control: Setup BitBucket

If you are using the SaaS Bitbucket hosted at, all you need to do is have Zuplo support ( enable BitBucket on your account.

You will need to provide support with your BitBucket Workspace ID. This value can be found on your Workspace Settings page.

Self-Hosted BitBucket#

In order to setup source control for self-hosted BitBucket, you will need to setup a custom BitBucket OAuth App and then provide Zuplo support with the following values:

  • BitBucket Server Url - This would be something like
  • Client ID - This is the value of the client ID of the BitBucket app you created.
  • Client Secret - This is the value of the client secret of the BitBucket app you created.

When configuring your app you will need to set the following values:

  • Callback URL -
  • Permissions - repo user read:org

Limiting Access#

Unfortunately, BitBucket does not support scoping access to an OAuth app to a specific repo or repos. This is a limitation of BitBucket, not Zuplo. If you want to limit the access that Zuplo has to your BitBucket repos there are two options:

  1. Create a new workspace and install the Zuplo app only in that workspace.
  2. Create a new service account user and use that user to connect BitBucket to Zuplo. BitBucket apps are limited to the permissions of the user who installed the app so if the service account user only has access to a single repository, Zuplo will only have access to that same single repository.
Github Integration