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How to rename or move a project

Projects cannot be moved between accounts or renamed in Zuplo but there is an easy workaround using Source Control.

If the project you want to move or rename is not already connected to source control then follow our GitHub integration guide. This will copy the contents of your project to a GitHub repo.

If your project is already connected to Source Control (or you just connected it above) the next step is to push any changes you want to be included in when you move to a different project.

If you're confident all your code is stored safely in the repo you can now disconnect the project from Source Control.

Disconnect Project

Next create a new project in the correct account if moving accounts or with the correct name. Choose the Advanced option on the new project dialog.

Advanced New Project

You should see a list of Orgs and Repos - pick the source repo you wanted to move and click Create Project from Repository.

Your new project will now be connected to this repo and ready to go.

NOTE - assets and data that is not 'code' and stored in the repo will not be moved. Things that will not be moved when renaming a project include:

  • API Key consumers
  • Environment variable values
  • Permissions / Project Members
  • Custom Domains (contact us to move these for you)
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