Settings to Dev Portal Migrations

The /config/settings.json file has been deprecated. You should migrate to the new /config/dev-portal.json file.

The old settings.json file looks like this.

{ "developerPortal": { "faviconUrl": "", "pageTitle": "My Title" }, "authentication": { "authority": "", "jwksUrl": "", "provider": "okta", "devPortalClient": { "clientId": "XXXXXXXXXXXX", "audience": "api://my-api" } } }
  1. To migrate this file, open your project in GitHub or pull the source locally.
  2. Rename the setting.json file to dev-portal.json
  3. Move the items contained in the developerPortal section to the top level.
  4. Add a top-level value of "enableAuthentication": true.
  5. The final file should look like this:
{ "faviconUrl": "", "pageTitle": "My Title", "enableAuthentication": true, "authentication": { "authority": "", "jwksUrl": "", "provider": "okta", "devPortalClient": { "clientId": "XXXXXXXXXXXX", "audience": "api://my-api" } } }