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Zuplo for Github

To enable the Zuplo integration for Github, navigate to Settings > Github Settings. On the settings page, click the Connect to Github button. You will be prompted to authorize Zuplo to your Github account.

Github Settings

Once you have connected Github, you can enter the name of the Github repository you would like to create for your project. Enter the name and click Create repository. This will take a few seconds.

Create Github Repo

After the project is connected, all of your code will be committed to the main branch.

Github Production Deployments

To deploy your project from Github you must install the Zuplo Github App. Select the organization to install the application and authorize all repositories or specific repositories.

Github App Permissions

The Zuplo Github app requires the following permissions:

  • Read access to code and metadata
  • Read and write access to checks, deployments and pull requests

After the Zuplo app is installed, Zuplo will deploy your app to the production environment. The deployment can be viewed several ways from Github.

To view the deployment of a specific commit hover over the small dot next to the commit hash. Click the Details link and you will also see the deployment's URL.

Github Deployment Status

Alternatively, all deployments can be viewed by clicking Environments on the Github project's side menu.

Github Deployment Sidebar


Renaming or moving projects in Github

The Zuplo Github integration does not yet handle moving or renaming repositories. As a workaround, you can first disconnect your project from Github and recreate it in another org or with another name. To do so, go to Settings > Github Settings and then click Disconnect to disconnect your project from Github. Then follow the above instructions to reconnect your project to Github.

Connecting an Existing Repository

The Zuplo Github integration does not yet support connecting an existing repository. You can only create new repositories at this time.