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Josh Twist is the co-founder and CEO of Zuplo, a pioneering force in serverless, OpenAPI-native edge gateway solutions. With a rich background in product leadership and innovation, Josh drives Zuplo's mission to redefine serverless architecture.

Prior to his role at Zuplo, Josh held positions at tech giants like Stripe, Facebook, and Microsoft. As Head of Product at Stripe, he played a pivotal role in shaping the company's product strategy. At Facebook, Josh led the Next Experiences organization, contributing to the platform's evolution with his visionary leadership. Additionally, he founded several products within Microsoft Azure, including Azure API Management, demonstrating his entrepreneurial spirit and technical acumen.

Josh's influence extends beyond product development; he's also a sought-after speaker, having delivered keynote addresses at prestigious events like Microsoft's BUILD and TechEd. Despite his numerous accomplishments, Josh remains humble, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to pursue his passions in the tech industry.

Named UK Developer of the Year in 2009, Josh's expertise and leadership continue to drive innovation at Zuplo, as he leads the company into a future defined by seamless, developer-friendly solutions.

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Nate Totten is the co-founder and CTO of Zuplo, spearheading the company's vision of revolutionizing serverless architecture through its OpenAPI-native edge gateway. With a wealth of experience in crafting developer-centric solutions, Nate brings invaluable insights to the forefront of Zuplo's innovative endeavors.

Prior to co-founding Zuplo, Nate held pivotal roles in some of the tech industry's most influential companies. Notably, he led the developer tooling teams at Salesforce, shaping the platform's ecosystem and empowering developers with robust tools and resources. As one of the early employees at Auth0, Nate started as a report to one of the founders helping win early deals as a customer success engineer then eventually building and leading teams that crafted the developer-facing experiences that have become synonymous with the platform's success.

His contributions included meticulously refining documentation, streamlining quick-start onboarding processes, and architecting SDKs that resonate with developers worldwide. Before his tenure at Auth0, Nate honed his expertise in product and developer advocacy at Microsoft Azure, where he cultivated a deep understanding of developer needs and preferences. Nate's passion for crafting seamless developer experiences has been a consistent theme throughout his career, earning him recognition as a specialist in this domain.