Day 3 - Analytics for Developers Using your API

Today — Day 3 of API Key Week — we're excited to announce a new feature in our Zuplo Developer Portal. In addition to built-in, fully automated self-serve API Key management, developers using your API can now access their own view of their activity on your API with our new Developer Portal Analytics feature.

Developer Analytics

The bar for offering a high-quality API experience is constantly being raised, you need at least

And, in addition to this, we're increasingly seeing the best APIs offer developer facing analytics to help them debug and understand their own usage of their API. Especially useful when they might be hitting rate limits or unsure if their code is even making it to your backend.

This feature is now effortlessly available to Zuplo customers on our Business tier (any tier can try it for free in their working-copy - pricing).

Try it out today and let us know what you think. Stay tuned for another cool API week update tomorrow!

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