Zuplo's $9M Raise

Zuplo is redefining API Management. Almost exactly 10 years ago I helped found the Azure API Management product via the acquisition of Apiphany. Amazingly, very little has changed about this whole category - it has failed to move with the times.

Today, we're excited to announce our combined seed raise of $9M, led by Yuval Neeman and Elisa La Cava at Trilogy Equity Partners(https://trilogyequity.com/). Special thanks to Ellen Chisa and Eliot Durbin at Boldstart Ventures who backed us from day 1 with a first check, along with Claire Smilow at BOX Group. And thanks to all of our incredible angels - Eugenio Pace - CEO of Auth0, Guy Podjarny - founder of Snyk, and Dimitri Sirota, CEO of BigID - to name but a few.

As you might expect, we're hiring!

Moving with the rhythm of your development team#

API Management today is difficult to adopt, complex to learn, expensive to buy, deploy, and manage and actively sits between your engineering team and their potential.

The Zuplo team has worked at some of the best engineering organizations on the planet: Meta, Stripe, Auth0, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Twilio to name but a few. We know intrinsically that shortening the feedback loop and helping teams move faster is the key to both building a better API and better outcomes for your business.

Zuplo tackles this by embracing the modern developer workflow - rapid deployments (under 20s), gitops deployment, infrastructure as code, natively supports open standards like OpenAPI, and being extremely programmable.

Take it to the edge (multi-cloud)#

When we set out to design Zuplo we started with a blank sheet of paper and asked ourselves, imagination unbound - "What does the future gateway look like?". We knew it was all of the things above and more. Specifically we knew that the emergence of true Edge compute presented an opportunity to rethink what the gateway looks like:

  • built from the ground up to run on true edge networks like CloudFlare, Fastly, Deno etc.
  • deploy to a single region: EARTH 🌍 - your gateway at 300 data centers around the world
  • the best option for multi-cloud customers
  • incredible high availability, even for our Free customers
  • unlimited environments - you don't pay extra for QA, development, staging, preview, derek-and-sheilas-experiment, etc
  • deploy changes and new environments in under 20s
  • fully-managed and auto-scaled - we're already handling over 4.5B API calls per month

A stripe-quality experience out of the box#

We know engineers are a proud bunch. They are craftspeople who care about what they put into the world. That's why they their API consumers (also developers) to admire the experience they have created but the bar is high - thanks to Stripe, Auth0, Twilio and friends. Developers consuming an API expect great developer documentation, with interactive test tools, self-serve API key management, developer-facing analytics and dark mode (naturally).

Zuplo aims to give you a Stripe-quality experience out of the box. We even offer GitHub Secret Scanning for API keys (yes, even in our free tier).

The Masterplan#

To democratize API management we think about two goals

  1. Make it effortless
  2. Make it affordable


We want Zuplo to be effortless for organizations of any size. The product is self-serve and you can sign up for a free account at portal.zuplo.com. We've never met most of our customers (but we love to, find time to chat with us below), they sign up and get going easily because we designed the concepts and developer experience to be familiar to any developer that's built anything on the web.

Our larger customers tell us the product actively changes the productivity of their team, making us the obvious choice vs our legacy rivals. If you want to ship better APIs, you need a fast feedback loop and a gateway that actively supports collaboration.


API Management has been beyond the reach of startups and smaller businesses because it's too complicated and the sales people won't get out of bed for less than $30K. We made Zuplo effortlessly self-serve and designed a price-ramp that's friendly to any business. You can run an API for free and if you need a custom domain to go to production - it's just $25 / month - Zuplo pricing.

Our larger customers see massive savings in the operational cost of Zuplo - as a serverless platform that works multi-cloud it's not just dev-ops, it's almost no-ops.

Join the revolution#

Founded in 2021, we've been running production workloads for businesses for 2 years with 0 zero downtime in production. We have giant enterprises using us for mission critical workloads and are handling over 4.5 Billion requests every month. We'd love to talk - find time with the leadership team here to chat anything APIs, or of course, just go try it yourself at portal.zuplo.com.

Designed for Developers, Made for the Edge