Project Commands

zup project --help zup project Project commands Commands: zup project update Updates your project structure to the latest conventions zup project import-openapi Imports an OpenAPI file into your Zuplo Project

Common Use Cases#

Importing an existing OpenAPI file#

We support importing both JSON and YAML. We will infer the format from the file extension.

zup project import-openapi --source /path/to/openapi.json zup project import-openapi --source /path/to/openapi.yaml

If you have a remote file that you wish to import, you can also use the --source option. This downloads the file to a temporary directory and imports it. The --source option infers if this is a remote file by checking the URL.

zup project import-openapi --source

Lastly, if you wish to rename the destination file, you can use the --destination option.

zup project import-openapi --source --destination new-name
Deployment Commands