Zuplo CLI

Deployment Commands

zup --help zup <command> Commands: zup delete Deletes the zup at the URL zup deploy Deploys current Git branch of the current directory zup list Lists all deployed zups zup test Runs the tests under /tests against an endpoint

Use these commands to help your manage your deployed zups. They must be run from the root of your Zuplo project. And, they assume that you already have Git setup for the project.

See concrete end-to-end examples of how to use this in your CI/CD job at Custom CI/CD.

Common Use Cases#

The following examples assume that you are passing in your --api-key either as an argument or through the ZUPLO_API_KEY environment variable.

Deploying your Gateway#

# The following will use the current Git branch as the name of the environment git checkout -b my-new-branch zup deploy
# If you do not wish to use the current Git branch as the name of the # environment, you can specify one using --environment zup deploy --environment my-env-name
# If you have configured your remote origin differently from portal.zuplo.com, # you can still force it to deploy. Be aware that this could make merging # changes impossible if the remote do not share a common ancestor. zup deploy --no-verify-remote
Conversion Commands