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At Zuplo, our mission is to revolutionize API management by modernizing and democratizing the API Gateway. We have made significant progress in achieving this goal by focusing on two key objectives:

  • making API gateway adoption effortless
  • reducing the cost associated with its purchase and management

Historically, smaller businesses have avoided advanced API Gateway tools due to their complexity and high costs. However, Zuplo has successfully addressed these challenges, making our gateway incredibly easy to learn, adopt, and manage. By doing so, we have enabled large customers to save over 80% on the sticker price of products like Apigee and Kong, while also providing a fully-managed solution that includes hosting costs and eliminates the need to manage K8 clusters and scaling.

Introducing new Pricing for our Builder Tier#

Today, we are thrilled to announce a major update to our pricing structure, specifically for our Builder tier. Previously priced at $100 per month, the Builder tier offered customers the ability to have a custom domain—an essential feature for most API launches. In line with our mission of reducing barriers to entry, we are excited to reveal that we have lowered the price of our Builder tier by 75%, making it now available for just $25 per month.

Unbeatable Value#

That really is incredible value, including

  1. Fully Managed API Key Solution: Simplify your API management with our comprehensive API key solution.

  2. Extensive Out-of-the-Box Policies: Benefit from numerous pre-configured policies such as JWT authentication and rate-limiting. Explore the complete list of policies here.

  3. Developer Portal: Engage your developers with an intuitive developer portal, featuring API references and integrated self-serve API key management.

  4. Unlimited Deployed Environments: Enjoy the freedom to deploy your APIs in multiple environments without any restrictions.

  5. Fast Deployments to Global Data Centers: With Zuplo, your API will be accessible worldwide, as we offer lightning-fast deployments to 300 data centers across the globe.

And, what's more, you can now add additional users (up to a total of 4) for just $25 per month/user and $25 for an additional custom domain. For customers that need more users, domains and an SLA, our Business tier is still aggressively priced at just $500 / month.


We can't wait to see what you build 💪.

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