New API Playground in the Zuplo Developer Portal

The Zuplo Developer portal is the easiest way to create beautiful documentation for your API. Today, it gets even better with a new API Playground. The API Playground allows your users to immediately call your API without leaving the browser.

Embedding tools within API documentation improves the developer experience and speeds up the integration process. These tools give developers a hands-on, interactive space to test an API's functionality without the hassle of creating a separate development environment. Immediate feedback from this setup helps pinpoint potential problems, clarifies expected outcomes, and displays real-time results. Furthermore, when the tools are directly in the documentation, it eases the adoption process. Developers are more inclined to use an API they can readily test and experiment with.

Zuplo API Playground

Easy to use - Out of the Way#

Zuplo's API Playground allows your end-users to quickly test and learn your API without compromising the experience of your documentation. Instead of trying to smash a form inline with your documentation, the API Playground is a separate experience that is immediately familiar to developers.

Zuplo API Playground

OpenAPI Validation#

The API Playground builds on top of Zuplo's first-class OpenAPI support and utilizes schema data in your APIs specification to provide hinting and validation for request bodies, URL parameters, query strings, and headers. This makes it easy for users to discover and learn your API.

Zuplo API Playground

We hope you will find this to be a useful addition to your API documentation. Give it a try today by signing up for Zuplo and let us know what you think.

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