Managing Project Members

Projects can have multiple members with different roles. Some account level roles allow access to project resources as well. Users can also be assigned project level roles in order to grant them access to specific project resources.

Add Project Member#

To manage project members, navigate to the project settings page and click on the "Members" tab. Here you can see a list of all members in the project and their roles.

Project Members

This list will display all account members - even those who have no access to the project.

Change Member Role#

Enterprise Feature

Role Based Access Control is available as an add-on as part of an enterprise plan. If you would like to test or purchase this feature, please contact us at or reach out to your account manager.

Account admins will always have access to all projects. If you try to change the role of an account admin, you will see a warning message that this user is an account admin and cannot be changed.

For users who are not account admins, you can change their role by selecting the desired role from the dropdown.

Member Role

Remove Project Member#

Removing a project member can be done by selecting "No Access" from the role drop down.

Account Members